Watching e-bay tv? You are normal.Here we are on the periphery of a new year after a long toilsome 2010. A year that has reared numerous changes in our lifestyle such as the evolution of the unforeseen economic turmoil around the globe, the abrupt climate changes as well as the birth of new vocabulary that has arisen from the social media realm. The way we communicate and the language we use are forever changing, but most of all, our purchasing habits have altered.

The speed of rapid development comes at no surprise. Every domain, every name, every idea and every solution has already been thought of and you probably feel like you have missed the boat and lack the necessary energy to push yourself forward to catch up. Thousands of great concepts take shape everyday, each challenging the limitations of technology, sometimes even the human capacity but in some form or manner they are out there to be consumed by the many.

These changes however, have brought forward new challenges to your business. Your consumers are becoming more informed and more diverse and of course more selective. They have become ‘experts’ of the ‘search monster’ and they can talk about, well… ‘anything really!’. They are spending less time watching ‘Bay Watch’ and spending more time watching eBay. Today, people don’t have the patience to read a book for five minutes but will ‘facebook’ for two and a half hours willingly.

People are changing and your business needs to follow coherently. We are in a position to assist your business to brainstorm about the idea that has been lingering or to support in the implementation of a new marketing strategy. It is a philosophy of ours to listen, communicate and then use our experience to express our opinion on the next possible moves withing the marketing and digital worlds.

We are Raw Biscuits.

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