Engage, Aggregate, LearnI always thought that some of the most friendly people I’ve met are the Irish and the Australian, after the Maltese of course :-). In some way or another I was lucky to work with people coming from both countries and my experiences were positive and fun.

Some weeks ago, Berenice, a Maltese friend of mine,  sent me a message over twitter to tell me that she was recruited by a company in Australia. She pointed out Raw Biscuits to her colleague Malcolm, and after a couple of conversations over Skype, we were commissioned to assist the Aussies to develop a visual identity for the company and to generate ideas and concepts that may allow them to rock .

Berenice and Malcolm share the great passion for wine, they both want to make sure they are distinct on the market and they are both very positive. Needless to say, a recipe that promises success. The fact that we love wine too, may only add further spice to the work we are currently proposing.

We’re really enjoying this project, and being 15,000 kms apart with a time difference of 7.5 hours just makes it more intriguing.


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